Shelf Stable.

We're just going to say it – shelf-stable, microbe-free natural deodorants are professionally formulated by cosmetic chemists, they cannot always be made using recipes found on blogs and with ingredients found in your kitchen. Turns out if it came from your fridge, it should stay in your fridge. Why? Using ingredients without an understanding of oxidization, for instance, can lead to microbial growth in your DIY cosmetic products. By using a combination of ingredients that are both safe and shelf stable, you can trust that the product you create with MTU will work effectively until the last drop, squeeze, or swipe.

Skin Safe.

We get it. Conflicting information can be found about almost any ingredient, and it’s not always clear what is actually safe for your skin. That’s why we set out to clear the air, using the industry expertise of an established formulator to guide our ingredient choices.


We couldn't find a DIY natural deodorant recipe that actually worked, so we drew from the knowledge of experts. With years of technical experience formulating natural products, our Cosmetic Chemist developed a natural deodorant recipe that ensures our product is as effective as store-bought versions, so you can make your own natural deodorant, without having to make up your own recipe.