Instructional Video coming soon!

Step 1

Prepare your double boiler by placing a glass measuring jug inside a pot of water, or by placing a metal bowl over a pot of water.


Step 2

Once the water in your double boiler starts to simmer, place the Deodorant Base into the upper container of the double boiler to begin melting it!


Step 4

Once the Deodorant Base is fully melted, whisk or stir in your clay (or additional active ingredients) until everything is evenly mixed. Some sediment may occur.


Step 5

Once mixed, use an oven mitt to carefully remove the jug or bowl from the double boiler.


Step 6

It’s time to add the essential oils to your deodorant! Keep stirring or whisking the mixture while you add in your essential oils to ensure your scent is evenly distributed in the mixture.


Step 7

If using the paper tube included in the kit, please ensure the cardboard base found inside the tube is pushed all the way down to the bottom! Make sure it is lying completely flat to avoid any leakage or spills when pouring your liquid deodorant.


Step 8

Pour the liquid deodorant into the paper tube, being careful not to spill the liquid on the outside of the tube. Use a funnel if needed!


Step 9

Place your finished deodorant in the fridge to set for 2-3 hours, or leave it overnight on a countertop to set.


Step 10

To start using your deodorant, simply use your thumb to apply pressure to the bottom of the tube! To apply to your pits, just push, swipe, smell and enjoy!