DIY Deodorant Kit

For Sensitive Skin

After breaking out in a rash, you're wondering if making the switch to natural deodorant was even worth it. We're here to win you back with our mildest formula that still packs a fragrant punch.

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DIY Deodorant Kit

for Extra Absorption

You're on the hunt for a long-lasting deodorant that's as fresh as it is absorbent, so you can start wearing grey t-shirts again. This one also looks as good as it smells- if you're into looking good!

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DIY Deodorant Kit

for Gentle Absorption

You're an outlier. By some DNA Lottery, the thought of stress sweating doesn't keep you up at night. But you still frequently run to catch your Uber, and you'd like to leave a trail of roses behind you.

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DIY Deodorant Kit

for Odor Control

You're searching for a miracle: a lightweight natural deodorant that still highly absorbent. You're over balm-like pit pastes but you're not over smelling like patchouli. We believe that when you can't control life, at least you can control odor.

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Custom Facial Oil

The DIY Minute

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our diy recipes are

professionally formulated.

Effective products start with effective ingredients– and that's why our DIY formulations include ingredients you won't find in your pantry! Learn More.

our professional formulations are

simply customizable.

We believe in "good-to-haves", not "free-froms". By championing a few base ingredients, you can focus on customizing your products for results as unique as you are. Learn more.

our customizable products are

powered by plants.

We don't confuse natural with sustainable. We use only 100% naturally derived, ECOCERT ingredients that plant-powered and planet-friendly. Learn More.

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