How To Make Your Beaded Pearl Necklace

Step 1: Open the jar by pressing on one edge of the cork lid. The cork lid may be tight, so press until the other side pops up, making it easier to remove the lid.



STEP 2: Pour the contents of the kits onto a small plate or tray so the beads don't roll away while you're working.

STEP 3: Prepare your box chain. Slide the "bar" end of the toggle clasp off the pin end of the chain.


STEP 4: Remove one stopper bead, putting it somewhere away from your other beads where it won't get lost. (These "stopper" beads will keep the other beads in place, securing them so your necklace will never lose a bead.)
STEP 5: Before you begin beading, it may help to separate out the unique "charm" beads (the mushroom, smiley face, initial bead, flower charm, small brass cube and plastic flower). This way, you can see all the elements of your design before you begin.
STEP 6: Begin beading your chain by threading the "pin" end of the chain through the holes of the beads! Consider playing with contrasting textures, contrasting bead sizes, using symmetry (or making it asymmetrical!). 
STEP 7: Once you're happy with your design, the final bead that should be going onto your chain is the "stopper" bead you removed in STEP 4.
STEP 8: Replace the "bar" end of the toggle clasp.
STEP 9: You're ready to try on your Beaded Pearl necklace! To attach the necklace, thread the "bar" end of the toggle clasp through the hole in the centre of the flower. See below:
STEP 10: Wear your piece! Change it up whenever you're in the mood to bead again! And don't forget to show us your creation by tagging us at @makethisuniverse on Instagram and TikTolk. Thanks for supporting small business, we can't wait to Make This Universe with you.