Jessye Grundlingh- founder of make this universe in Toronto, Canada
Hey! It's Jessye here, founder and maker behind Make This Universe.

I started MTU in 2018 as a way to channel my obsession for crafting with my love of design and branding. As a trained Industrial Designer, I had always wanted to get my creations out into the world but could never decide which one of my craft obsessions to stick with. Oh, and I also LOVE showing people how to make stuff.

This is how MTU was born!

The thing I love about DIY-ing, is the endless possibilities it creates, and the imagination it requires. I believe that- when faced with problems as tough as climate change, systemic racism and the mental health crisis- we need to get creative. 

I hope that through collective creativity, we can Make This Universe - even just a bit, hopefully a lot - better

Although I set out to make great stuff for people, I quickly realized people didn't need more stuff. So I asked myself the question: what can I help people make for themselves that would be better for them, and also the environment?

To this day, I am still coming up with exciting answers to that question. Make This Universe is the vessel through which I explore those answers.

As MTU continues to evolve, we will be offering a variety of sustainable DIY kits and workshops.

We can't wait to get creative with you!

- Jessye

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