Hey! It's Jessye here, founder and maker behind Make This Universe.
As someone whose had my fair share of mental health battles, I have always crafted the pain away- from knitting to quilting to pottery and even woodworking! Then, back in 2018- while trying (and failing!) to make my own DIY deodorant at home, I noticed there weren't many super cute, beginner friendly DIY craft kits outside of needle crafts like knitting. 
Jessye Grundlingh- founder of make this universe in Toronto, Canada
This pic was taken on the first day I launched our first DIY kit back in 2019. It's been a wild ride!
This lack of curated craft kit's- that actually led to stunning end results you'd be proud to display- seemed like a tragedy to me!


Since crafting has been so important for my own mental health, I wanted to package up that feeling of creative release, finished-a-project satisfaction AND the "omg I actually made this" tingle, into ultra gift-able kits for everyone to enjoy.


Also, who doesn't need a way to avoid the doomscroll after work?! Crafting keeps your hands busy, eases your mind, gives you an excuse to get off socials and reminds you that you, are, in fact, a creative genius! 


This is how our mission was born: MTU provides folks in search of satisfying, hands-on creative outlets- with all the tools, materials and instructions they'd need to fulfill their creative desires... in desirable, modern Kits that are good for the planet, too. Cause we're sick of DIY kits filled with single-use plastic, and the planet's sick of it too.
And that's why our mission is to inspire you to Make Something You'll Love: to wear, to use, to display or even gift away! While enriching the precious 5-9.


We hope you'll follow along for the rest of our journey- we can't wait to Make This Universe with you!


- Jessye
Jessye from make this universe, selling DIY kits at a local canadian craft market We've launched over 5 unique DIY kits since 2019- subscribe to catch our next launch!