The most powerful tool we possess for creating a better world is our own imagination."- Austra


This is the thought at the core of everything we do. When faced with a problem as tough as climate change, we realized we would have to get creative. That, in fact, everyone would have to get creative. We believe that through collective creativity, we can Make This Universe - even just a bit, hopefully a lot - better.

We had set out to make great stuff for people, but quickly realized people didn't need more stuff. So we asked ourselves one question: what can we help people make for themselves that would be better for them, and also the environment? To this day, we are still coming up with exciting answers to that question. And so we began Make This Universe. 

As we continue to evolve, we will be offering a variety of formulated kits and workshops for various in-demand natural DIY products. In an effort to reduce the environmental impact of our educational kits, we aim to offer a workshop-based format of each of our DIY products, allowing you to create something unique and keep it 100% package-free, plastic-free and almost zero waste.


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