We are here to get real about natural deodorants. Just because you recognize an ingredient name, doesn't mean that it’s natural– and just because it’s 100% natural, doesn't mean it won't sound like Latin. Not all natural ingredients are good for our planet, and not all synthetic ingredients are bad. But fear not – we have done our research and chosen only sustainable ingredients to use in our formulations, like Squalene, Meadowfoam Oil and Zinc Ricinoleate.


If your current natural deodorant arrives in a plastic container, how sustainable can it really be?

From our ingredient choices to our packaging, we opted for realistic closed-loop options, backed up by science – not by what would look better on the shelf. Except, damn, our products still look good on the shelf (and are 100% shelf stable).

Why Buy? Just DIY!

We believe that if you can read the label, you can write the label. With so many natural deodorants now on the shelves, that's just more single-use plastic in the oceans and in landfill. We wanted to create a natural deodorant with even less impact, and along the way we learned so much about making products ourselves that we decided to share that experience with you. By sharing our knowledge, we hope to empower you join our mission to just DIY, one step at a time.