DIY Skincare Workshop: Natural Perfume & Facial Oil (Aug 18th)


1247 Dundas Street West, Toronto, Canada.



Paloma Picasso compared perfume to "a piece of clothing", because scent is both personal– something you lovingly choose for yourself– and public– a sensory experience that represents you in some way. Our Natural Perfume Workshop is a perfect weekend event to spoil yourself or a loved one with. This is a two-product workshop, including an oil-based facial serum customized to suit your skin's unique needs.

At our August 18th workshop, you'll get a chance to formulate your own fragrance using an array of sustainably sourced essential oils, while considering the aromatherapy benefits associated with these powerful botanical constituents. We'll also be dismantling some myths around "toxic chemicals", the dreaded "fragrance/ parfum" ingredient often found on commercial perfume labels, and talking about what essential oils actually are!

All perfumes will be alcohol-based spray perfumes, and can be used after 1 week, although a 6 week period of maturity before use is recommended. This is a beginner-level class and no experience is required. 

What you get:

• 30ml Essential-Oil perfume

• 30ml Facial Oil

• All packaging (recyclable)

• All Formulation Worksheets 

 • Top Notes • Lemon (Citrus) • Spearmint (Fresh) • Sweet Orange (Citrus) • Bergamot FCF (Citrus) • Tangerine (Citrus) • Grapefruit (Citrus)


• Middle Notes • Rosemary (Herbal) • Tea Tree (Fresh) • Palmerosa (Floral) • Geranium (Floral) •  Ylang Ylang (Floral) • Cinnamon Leaf (Spicy) • Clove Bud (Spicy)

• Base Notes • Benzoin Resinoid (Sweet) • Vanilla (Sweet) • Patchouli (Spicy) • Cedarwood, Virginian (Woody) • Frankincense (Spicy/ Woody)


• Base Oils • Squalane Light • Meadowfoam Seed • MCT Oil •

• Additional Oils • Hemp Seed • Black Currant • Black Cumin Seed • 

• Complex Oils • Rosehip • Sea Buckthorn • Carrot Seed • Broccoli Seed • Evening Primrose •

Please note at this time we are not able to offer a refund for cancellations due to the small class sizes. We do however accept ticket transfers- contact us 24 hrs before the workshop to update us as to who will be attending in your place.