Make This Scented Candle Kit



Our DIY Scented Soy wax Candle Making Kit includes everything you need to make your own scented soy candle with a burn time of 20 hours.

This beginner DIY Candle Making Kit makes it quick and easy to learn how to pour your own scented candle- without having to find the supplies and instructions yourself! Make a perfect gift for candle lovers, or for a crafty friend.

All you'll need to create your soy wax candle is our DIY kit, a timer, a bowl, a stove top, oven mitts and a digital thermometer (highly recommended but optional).

A perfect craft activity, our DIY Beginner Candle Making Kits are sustainably packaged and handmade in our Port Hope, Ontario studio.


All fragrances are a blend of pthalate-free, cruelty-free fragrance oils and essential oils.


1 x Soy Wax Packet (4 oz.)

1 x Glass Jar with Lid (4 oz.)

1 x Fragrance Blend (Your choice of scent) (7.5 ml)

1 x Wick Sticker

1 x Cotton Wick (small)

1 x Wooden Clothes Peg

1 x Instruction Card (Eng)

Deep Woods: We're excited to offer the Deep Woods fragrance as a collaboration with our favourite Canadian Brand, Red Sky Shop! Smells like being in the middle of a forest. Cedar and fir trees all around you.

Oak Moss & Eucalyptus: Fresh and fragrant. Mossy and musky! Hints of French Lavender complement the Eucalyptus Essential Oil. Light it before you start cleaning, or instead of cleaning, we won't judge you :P

Sweet Pea & Neroli: Sweet, but Dusty. Smokey, but Floral! Hints of Baby Powder and Amber Musk makes this an ambiguous scent for the the perfectly ambiguous <3 

Sandalwood & Patchouli: Aromatic, Spicy and Warm. Hints of Violet bring some brightness to this unisexual, herbaceous- but subtle- blend. Good for grounding yourself (even if you're a few stories off the ground!)

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Elizabeth Edwards
Best DIY for a quiet night at home

I absolutely loved making my own scented candle. I’m someone who likes feeling productive but also craves self-care and relaxation. This was the best of both! The sandalwood and patchouli scented candle smells amazing and I burns so nicely. I highly recommend!

Arabia Banks
Christmas Gift For Friend

I picked two scents and she was so happy about it. Great gift to give to any candle lover! Arrived on time as well.

Rachel Kompass

Perfect christmas gift!

I purchased the Sandalwood scent kit for my partner for Christmas from the One of a Kind show and it was a big hit! Candle smells wonderful (not too overpowering, clean but also warm and cozy smelling at the same time) and super easy to make! A great gift or fun experiment for yourself! Definitely recommend.


This kit was so simple to use as a DIY candle newbie, and is perfect for a quiet night in. The cleanup was a breeze - no need spend a ton of time scraping the wax off your tools and double boiler as it washes away really easy. The scent of the candle is just right; it fills the room but isn’t soooo strong that you get a headache (I used the whole bottle). I LOVE woodsy smells so the Deep Woods scent is perfect from me. I can’t wait to stock up on more of these kits and gift them to my friends! The only thing I would say is to really keep an eye out on your wax while it cools before you pour it in the jar - my house is pretty cold so it only took about half the time to cool down.

Customer Reviews

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