"Free-From" B.S.

We don't need to convince you that aluminum is bad, palm oil is killing chimps, or that pthalates are dodgy. You're here because many other natural deodorant brands are already selling you on "free-from" like triclosan, parabens and mineral oils – and you're still not buying it. The only "free-from" that we're interested in is what you would like to be free from. (Single-use plastics, anyone?)

Unique Ingredients.

Make This Universe is all about giving creative power back to you, so that you can decide what is best for your skin and body. Start with our professionally formulated, natural base using only ecoCERT ingredients to create the natural deodorant of your dreams. We have something for every body.

Custom Fragrance.

From our minty-fresh Mintchouli option, to our sweet-as-a-button Vanillarosa option our essential oil blends give you two distinct options to choose from when formulating your dream deodorant. Because smelling good should mean smelling however you want to smell.