DIY Skincare Workshop: Natural Deodorant & Facial Oil



326 Adelaide Street West

6th floor

Make Lemonade


Tuesday December 10th


Ever been curious about the ingredients in your natural products? Overwhelmed with all the misinformation about "toxic" ingredients? Or just tired of switching between products without understanding how they work?

It's time to turn curiosity into knowledge at our latest DIY Natural Deodorant & Facial Oil workshop! We want to make the science of skincare more accessible by walking you through how to formulate your very own product, starting with DIY Natural Deodorant and ending with a totally customized oil-based Facial Serum! 

What you get:

Our founder will be guiding the class through our flexible professionally-formulated recipe, explaining each of our vegan and cruelty free ingredients, followed by an intro to basic perfumery to add your own signature scent to your natural deodorant!

You'll be walking away with 2 oz. natural deodorant formulated for you, as well as our not-so-secret recipe to use and tweak at home. After your deodorant begins to set up, you'll have the chance to custom create a 30ml facial oil from a choice of 10 different premium botanical oils, targeted towards your skin's unique needs. Whether you're looking for something moisturizing, clarifying, balancing or age defying, we have something for every body.

 Oil Base Ingredients • Squalane Light • 

• Dry Absorbing Ingredients • Kaolin Clay • French Green Clay • Arrowroot Powder • 

• Thickeners • Cetyl Alcohol • Candelilla Wax • Shea Butter  •

• Active Ingredients • Zinc Ricinoleate • Magnesium Hydroxide • Allantoin

• Antioxidant • Vitamin E

To read more about each of these ingredient categories, head on over to our blog post here.

• Base Oils • Squalane Light • Meadowfoam Seed • MCT Oil •

• Additional Oils • Hemp Seed • Black Currant • Black Cumin Seed • 

• Complex Oils • Rosehip • Sea Buckthorn • Carrot Seed • Broccoli Seed • Evening Primrose • Camellia Seed  • Jojoba • Tamanu Oil

Please note at this time we are not able to offer a refund for cancellations due to the small class sizes. We do however accept ticket transfers- contact us 24 hrs before the workshop to update us as to who will be attending in your place.