Where to Buy Candle Making Supplies in Canada (Not on Amazon!)

If there's one thing we've learnt since launching our brand in 2019, it's that soy wax candle's always sell at craft markets

So, its no wonder that the pandemic has seen a massive upswing of folks trying to learn how to make their own soy candles, either to sell as a side hustle- or just for their own wedding favours!

Whether you're looking to start your own brand or just make your own small batch of scented soy candles, this list is for you.

This is our coveted, tried-and-tested list of candle making suppliers that we've created over the years- and we're so glad to pass on this list of the best and most affordable candle suppliers in Canada.

Oh- except none of these candle making supplies are from Amazon... (see the note at the end of this blog post for why you SHOULDN'T SHOP for your candle making supplies on Amazon)

To make a small batch of homemade scented soy candles, you'll need to source: soy wax, wicks, fragrance and essential oils- and finally, the elusive candle Jar!!

This blog post covers:

1) Top THREE suppliers for Waxes & Wicks in Canada

2) Top FIVE Canadian suppliers for Fragrance & Essential oils

3) Three Suppliers for Bulk Candle Jars in Ontario.

OR, you can start with our candle making kit- to see if you even like the process!

Perfect for beginners: Our Candle Making kit   Want to see if you love candle making? We’ve done all of the hard work- so you can just enjoy the creative process.


1) Village Craft & Candle (ON)

2) Voyageur Soap & Candle (BC)

3) Windy Point (AB)

4) C & C Candle Company (ON)

The top four shops to source your bulk candle wax & wicks from are the following candle and cosmetics suppliers.

These suppliers have great bulk deals once you scale, and a reliable supply in case you get a big order (or decide to make your own for a whole year!).

Most suppliers of soy wax will also supply wicks, hence these to supplies are usually purchased together.

We don't list ANY wick choices here, as wicking is one of the hardest parts of candle making- and you may even have an existing wick in mind (such as the popular wooden wick, or braided cotton wick). 

That's why we suggest starting with your desired wick choice and perhaps vessel, and then finding a wax that works best in that container, before testing fragrances.

So, here's the top three places to buy soy wax for candle making, in Canada:



VCC is our top, "all-rounder" supplier, and if you don't get any further than this, you'll probably still be able to successfully start a candle business just purchasing from VCC! Keep in mind, many hobby candle makers already shop here, so if you want to stand out from the crowd- mix and match with other suppliers for unique candle results!

Our top Wax suggestions from VCC:
Use Freedom Soy if you want to melt your wax quickly in the microwave and want super smooth tops, but not great hot throw.
Use Millenium Soy if you're willing to learn how to use a thermometer and test your wax and scent combinations! Millenium Soy is tricky to use, but worth it for the hot throw. It's what we use in our DIY Candle Making kits!
Our Candle Making kits make it easier to work with as we included very exact instructions in our kit, which differ from VCC's own suggestions.


Wax is available by the palette from VCC, and they have an agreement with American Soy Organics (the maker of many waxes), such that it will always be cheaper to buy through VCC than to directly import from the manufacturer. This is why we love them!

Voyageur Soap & Candle: Buy your GOLDEN waxes to test here!


Voyaguer is another great all-round supplier, and although their "natural" waxes are limited to mostly one manufacturer- Golden Wax- it's because this wax is very reliable once mastered!
Buy a few samples of each kind, from 415 to 444, to test which natural wax will work best for you in your specific jar!

Windy Point: Most unique waxes!


The thing about candle making in Canada is, we have very few suppliers. This means MANY candle makers end up with VERY similar candles.
In order to run a successful candle side hustle or business, you need to stand out from the crowd.
This is where Windy Point comes in! They have super unique waxes, such as their Coconut Apricot blend. We bet that would smell amazing, and be a unique selling point too.

C&C Candle Company: Best selection of Coco Soy wax blends

Talking about standing out from the crowd, many chandlers are transitioning to coconut-soy blends for their hobby and side hustle candle making, since coconut-soy wax allows for smoother tops that look more professional (and closer to paraffin) than pure soy.
To try a whole bunch of coconut soy blends, head on over to C&C!
Ready to start  candle making?   TLDR? Overwhelmed by all the info about wicks, wax, jars and FO’s?! Just want to START? Try a candle kit!


1) New Directions Aromatics (ON) 

2) Village Craft & Candle (ON)

3) Lark Supply (BC)

4) Canwax (ON)


Possibly the hardest- and most important part- of making your own candles, is nailing the fragrance. There is Hot Throw (how the candle smells when lit), Cold Throw (how it smells unlit) to master- plus you need to worry about adhesion, frosting, sink holes AND cracking. And that's after you've made an accord or scent that folks actually want to buy!

Your fragrant materials- whether you use fragrance oils or essential oils- are going to change how your wax behaves, which will effect ALL of the sensory elements above- both visual issues and fragrant issues.

So, long story short: you may need to test a few fragrances and scent combinations before you're on your way to selling your candles (or burning them yourself.). When in doubt, go with a single, in-house blend of fragrance oils such as the one's offered by VCC.

To create your Own candle fragrances to test, start shopping below!

New Directions Aromatics: The ONLY place to get Essential Oils!!


    NDA is a tried and true supplier, who is really the ONLY supplier we can recommend for EO's (essential oils). Although you CAN get wax here, they only offer C3, a container blend that is more for pro's than hobbyists.

    An important note about essential oils: they are some of the most highly adulterated materials on the market! There aren't enough plants to meed demand for EO;s, meaning (as with Olive Oil), MANY essential oils are "fake" for lack of a better word. ONLY ever buy essential oils that have clear batch numbers- and the required MSDS sheets to go with them. For this reason, NDA is the only supplier we have found in Canada that we would trust with our lives when it comes to TRUE essential oils.

    PRO TIP: Need your order in a rush? If you're in the GTA, select "local pickup", you'll get your order sometimes a full week earlier than if you choose shipping.

    Village Craft & Candle


      Yip, these guys are back on the list for being a GREAT supplier for a wide range of commonly used Fragrance oils! Get a few 1oz samplers to test yourself and try not to fall in love.

      We have put a link to just the pthalate-free candle scents above, as you need to be cautious about consumer behaviour when making candles, and it's very common to get this question from customers.

      Lark Supply


        This out-of-the-way supplier is on Vancouver Island of all places, so their shipping fees are HIGH. But, in our experience it's worth it for their super unique, higher-end premium candle fragrances.



          This supplier has "soy tested" FO section on their site which is VERY useful when you're just starting out as a hobbyist chandlier.

          Turns out, not all Fragrance Oils "work" in Soy Wax (many were designed for traditional paraffin wax candles!), so use caution when trying out new fragrances. OR, just shop here!

          AZTEC (in the USA)


            The only reason we have listed AZTEC is because, if you're lucky, their pricing can be cheaper in some cases. They do have duty-free shipping days for those of us buying from Canada- or you can get a cross-border account and import it yourself.

            If you're just starting out and playing around, get a few of their 1oz samples and keep the total order value low, but expect to pay sometimes over 50% of the total in customs and duties!

            PSA: Beware of their extremely bad customer service, and rumours about credit card issues. We suggest using paypal only to protect yourself.

            3) WHERE TO BUY bulk candle jars IN ONTARIO

            Vessels are hard to find, usually out of stock every few months, and expensive.

            For this reason we are keeping this section short and sweet, and limited to Ontario. You'd likely want to find a supplier in your own province to offset high shipping costs.

            Many of the suppliers listed above do offer vessels too, so start there.

            1) ULine

            We hate to support them, but their prices and delivery speeds are hard to compete with.

            2) Richards Packaging (ON)

            One of our top secret suppliers for vessels. You're welcome!

            3) Orb Vessels (ON)


            This is a newer supplier on the scene so we can't vouch for them- but they do seem to have a unique selection!

            The perfect gift for candle lovers doesn’t exis...   It does now! Give them the gift of candle making instead of just another candle for their collection.

            NOTE: Why You Shouldn't Buy DIY Candle Making Supplies from Amazon:

            The reason why we do not suggest purchasing hobby candle making supplies on Amazon is that candle making can be tricky, and also dangerous. 

            Candles are flammable, and can cause serious damage if burnt incorrectly.

            For this reason- to make SAFE candles that don't lead to broken jars, or jars filled with molten hot wax- you need to be able to MATCH YOUR WICK SIZE to your jar diameter, once you've decided on your wax and fragrance.

            The problem with Amazon, is that the Amazon candle making supplies and sellers change frequently- and you may not be able to replicate your results! Meaning you've wasted your time AND money, even if you thought you were getting a deal initially.

            Also, Amazon doesn't have professional grade supplies (such as proper cotton wicks that won't just burn out immediately), nor do they have the best deals on wax. Take it from us, we started there and quickly learnt our lesson!

            So, close those Amazon searches for "best soy candle wax deal", and get out your pen and paper (and maybe credit card). You're about to start your journey toward hobby candle making with actual, tested Canadian Candle suppliers.


            That's it for our mammoth Candle Supply Cheat Sheet blog post!! Have recommendations or suggestions for your own province? Comment below!

            Don't forget we offer DIY Candle Making kits for beginners- these make amazing gifts for candle lovers, or as a test-run to see if you even enjoy the process. And it IS a process. You'll see :P



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