8 Great DIY Kits by Canadian Makers

Whether you're reading this blog post months into a worldwide pandemic lockdown, or in a future time when you're allowed to go outside and are simply choosing to stay in- we've got JUST the things you're DIY-ing for!

These craft kits are from some of our favourite Canadian brands, who make DIY projects that are perfect even for post-pandemic craft nights.

Without further ado, here are eight locally-made DIY kits, with prices ranging from $30 to $60. These kits will help you get creative, kill some time, discover a new craft obsession and allow you to decorate your apartment (or, in a pandemic, your "office").

Here is a roundup of "Eight GREAT Do-It-Yourself Kits" for a crafty quarantine, put together by fellow Canadian makers. These DIY kits made the cut for being super unique, ultra-giftable and budget-friendly.



1. “Chipmonk in the Woods” Wooden Cross Stitch Kit ($40.00)

By Diana Watters Handmade. Available here, on Etsy.

This Canadiana inspired Cross Stitch Project by Diana Watters is not only a perfect beginner cross stitch kit, but also makes a unique, handmade addition to the cottage!

This kit comes with everything you need to create your own finished piece- a Chipmunk wall hanging- and is suitable for makers of any age. Whether you're 8 or 80, this kit will scratch that cross-stitch itch!

Grab the kit here.

2. "Natural Dyeing Kit" For Any Natural Fibre ($35.00)

By Kerry Westlake. Available on westlakeknits.ca 


There's no better D.I.Y kit than a D-Y-E Kit! Kerry Westlake is a Toronto-based maker specializing in traditional skills of natural dying (amongst many other things!)

If you've ever wanted to develop a deeper connection to your garden- by way of natural dyeing- we highly recommend a DIY Natural Dye Kit from Westlake Knits!

Check It Out Here

3. "DIY Natural Deodorant Kit" Odor Control in Pomelo ($34.50)

By Make This Universe. Available here.


Of course this list includes our very own Bestseller: a DIY Natural Deodorant Kit!

Instead of scrolling through Pinterest for hours looking for a DIY Natural Deodorant Recipe that Actually Works (and is Baking Soda Free)- save yourself time + cash by checking out our handmade DIY Deodorant Kits!

Our kits come with all the instructions, information and ingredients you need to create your own CUSTOM natural deodorant. PLUS you get our professionally formulated recipe so you can always make your own from bulk ingredients.

If we don't say ourselves- this also makes the CUTEST gift! Perfect for your bestie whose transitioning to natural deodorant, or a pal who hasn't found the perfect product.

Grab one here.

4. "Masala Coffee Kit" ($50) 

 By The Muskoka Pantry. Available here, on Etsy.


 Pandemic or not, coffee is an essential daily item for many of us: but did you know you could customize your own blend?!

If you want to explore your coffee obsession, Muskoka Pantry offers food-based DIY kits to enable you to craft your own products from salt to tea to herbal spice mixes. 

This Masala Coffee kit allows you to blend a unique spiced coffee using traditional Indian ingredients. Also makes a great bachelor's gift!

Check It Out + Check Out here

5. "Racoon Kit" Foldable Paper Desk Ornament ($30)

By Low Poly Crafts. Available on lowpolycrafts.ca


Whether you work from home intermittently or only during pandemics- there has never been a better excuse to redecorate your work space!

Having a home office can get repetitive, and differentiating your work space from your living space with some handmade items can help you get in the right mindset. 

This Canadiana paper craft- from Low Poly Crafts- is a fresh take on a (home) office desk ornament!

Raccoon Desk Ornament Available Here

6. "Mini Plant Hanger" Kit ($35)

By FromTheCrown. Available here, on Etsy.


While we're on the subject of home offices and redecorating- why not try your hand at the long-last art of Macrame?

From The Crown is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where year-round indoor greenery is a mental health must. If you've recently run of out windowsill space for your plant babies, it's time to get crafty with this Macrame DIY Kit.

If you love your plants, treat them to this cute craft- great for beginners and skilled fibre artists alike. 

Macrame Kit Available Here.

7. "Badger" Embroidery Kit ($35.21)

By Kirikipress. Available Here, on Etsy. 


For the slightly more experienced maker, Kiriki Press offers DIY Embroidery Kits for seasoned stitchers or adventurous beginners alike! 

Since we're clearly on a Canadiana themed kick, we think this badger would work well with your paper Raccoon from Low Poly Crafts and Chipmunk In The Woods by Diana Watters Handmade!

Checkout Kiriki Press here

8. "Cookie Decorating" Kit ($25.00)

By KupcakeryTO. Available here, on Etsy.



With lockdown in full swing, many of us are discovering our inner baker. This DIY Cookie kit is a perfect DIY project to enjoy with your little ones- while exploring your full-time baker fantasies. Bonus: you don't find all the supplies yourself!

Each kit lets you make 8 cookies, 3 icing colours and 3 varieties of sprinkles.

Grab a DIY Cookie Kit here


Happy making everyone- let us know in the comments below if you've tried any of these kits!

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