7 Great DIY Kits by Canadian Makers

**Updated March 2022**

Even though the DIY days of the pandemic are somewhat behind us (which is when we first wrote this article!)- we believe that the pandemic was only the beginning of the DIY Kit trend! And there is no shortage of Canadian Made kits (specifically for adults)!

There's just nothing better than having a non-digital activity to bring you out of your head, while making memories, learning a new skill and keeping your hands busy (and away from TikTok).

That's why we're back with an updated list of our favourite craft kits from some of our fellow Canadian brands, who make DIY kits that are perfect even for post-pandemic craft nights.

Without further ado, here are seven locally-made, adult friendly DIY kits for every budget- with prices ranging from $30 to $60. Time to get creative, kill some time, discover a new craft obsession and allow you to decorate your WFH apartment in the process while supporting Canadian Makers.



1. “Chipmunk in the Woods” Wooden Cross Stitch Kit ($40.00)

By Diana Watters Handmade. Available here, on Etsy.

This Canadiana inspired Cross Stitch Project by Diana Watters is not only a perfect beginner cross stitch kit, but also makes a unique, handmade addition to the cottage!

This kit comes with everything you need to create your own finished piece- a Chipmunk wall hanging- and is suitable for makers of any age. Whether you're 8 or 80, this kit will scratch that cross-stitch itch!

Grab the kit here.

2. "Natural Dyeing Kit" For Any Natural Fibre ($35.00)

By Kerry Westlake. Available on westlakeknits.ca 


There's no better D.I.Y kit than a D-Y-E Kit! Kerry Westlake is a Toronto-based maker specializing in traditional skills of natural dying (amongst many other things!)

If you've ever wanted to develop a deeper connection to your garden- by way of natural dyeing- we highly recommend a DIY Natural Dye Kit from Westlake Knits!

Check It Out Here

3. Our "DIY Scented Candle Kit"  ($34.50)

By Us, DUH! Shop Candle Kits Here.


Of course this list includes our very own Bestseller: a DIY Scented Soy Candle Making Kit!

Instead of scrolling through Pinterest for hours researching how to make DIY Soy Candles yourself- save yourself time & cash by grabbing our bestselling DIY Candle Kits! We've sold over 1000 on Etsy in our first year alone, with new scents out every season.

Our Candle Making kits come with all the instructions, information and ingredients you need to create your own 4 oz clean-burning soy candle with a burn time of 20 hours. No wick testing, no fragrance load calculations, no need to test different waxes with different vessels- we've done all the hard work for ya.

These also makes the best gift for a candle love whose already tried it all! 

Grab one here.

4. "Nautical Embroidery Kit" ($10- $44) 

 By Hook Line Tinker.



We're huge fans of Laurie Dolan's designs, especially her unique use of colour and line- making for super Modern, extremely hangable pieces!! Plus, we have a bit of a thing for nautical themed designs so... they had us at "squid".

Available as a full kit, or just a download if you already have the supplies.



5. "Grow Your Card" Kit ($35)

By The Good Card. Available Here.



Everything you need to plant your card at home to grow wildflowers! We first fell in love with The Good Card Co at the One of A Kind Show last year- and after buying a few of their of plantable, wildflower seed-filled greeting cards- we will definitely make these subtle and beautiful cards a staple during Holidays!

Even better than buying a card? Gift it with the plantable card kit, so your loved one can watch your gift grow.

Shop Plantable Card Kit Here

6. "Mozza & Ricotta" Cheese Making Kit ($50)

By Cheesemaker.ca. Available here.



You know the phrase, with great power, comes great responsibility? We feel that applies here- since ONE Kit can yield up to 40 pounds of cheese!

What more could you want from a cheese kit!! Learn how to make your own Mozzarella and Ricotta. Kits have a shelf life of five years.. so if you have a friend who loves to procrastinate- fear not! Even they will eventually get this done.

Find them here. 

7. "Badger" Embroidery Kit ($35.21)

By Kirikipress. Available Here, on Etsy. 


For the slightly more experienced maker, Kiriki Press offers DIY Embroidery Kits for seasoned stitchers or adventurous beginners alike! 

Since we're clearly on a Canadiana themed kick, we think this badger would work well with your Chipmunk In The Woods by Diana Watters Handmade!

Checkout Kiriki Press here


Happy making everyone- let us know in the comments below if you've tried any of these kits!

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